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SEMAR LINTAS ENERGI was established in Indonesia

in the South East Asia, by a group of highly skilled and experienced traders with backgrounds across all levels of the industry.

SEMAR LINTAS ENERGI has a long standing expertise in trading crude oil and one of the world’s One of independent traders of crude oil We source barrels worldwide and have access to all the key crude grades.

Our global network of trading offices, ideally located in all the major oil trading regions, allows us to identify changing crude oil flows and evolving market dynamics SLE captures value throughout the supply chain through its relationships with oil producers, superior logistics capabilities, and strategically located storage and blending facilities Our experience and understanding of oil markets enables us to implement robust hedging programs in volatile environments

Our Strategy

The company transacts with a range of clients

from oil industry majors to smaller independent producers and refiners,and oil and energy traders

SEMAR LINTAS ENERGI team strive to deliver creative proposals to add value and manage risk across a broad range of oil related transactions And SEMAR LINTAS ENERGI Collaboration with MAYBLESS Sdn Bhd. And totally Support by NTSL Group

Global Trading

In modern global markets

it is no longer simply to transact a client's instructions Increasingly

Businesses seek a personal component, an expert partner who not only understands completely the energy market, but can
propose creative solutions that suit and add value to a client's business Based in Dubai, Lenkor Energy has strong and strategic links in Africa, Asia, the Middle and Far East and beyond, for the trade of oil and energy products of all kinds.

Our Vision and Mision

It is the goal of SEMAR LINTAS ENERGI to become one of the leading oil supply and energy trading companies through a process of innovation and creative solutions, to deliver excellence in service and profitability through timely and appropriate transactions. In short, to be the type of proactive energy partner your business desires.

Our Business

Untuk memberikan jaminan atas tersedianya energi berbasis bahan bakar minyak dari pemasok hingga pengguna secara berkesinambungan

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CoHive 101 Building

15th Floor, Suite 13

Jl. DR. Ide Anak Agung Gde Agung No.1,
Kuningan, Jakarta

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